Schedule, flexibility, rates, employer-employee relationship has never been this great! I have been with OrangeHub for quite sometime now and I must say, this has been a greener pasture for me.

Cze Ryl
Online receptionist/human resource

Working with OrangeHub gives me freedom to do what I want in life. With my current flexible working schedule in OrangeHub, it allows me as well to work as a part time TV actor. I am so excited to get involved with OrangeHub social programs this year.

James Briones
Web Developer

Life balance is a personal thing. It must be what works for you – not what works for someone else, or something which someone else decides. I am lucky to work from home now through Orangehub Outsourcing because I enjoyed the freedom of making my own hours to accommodate my lifestyle, I am a very independent individual and I am overwhelmed at how well it is working out. If you believe that you are a self motivated person who can work with little supervision and are eager enough to learn new things whether work related or something personal I would definitely recommend Orangehub Outsourcing…

Maria Monica Gapio Orog
Virtual Assistant