OrangeHub Outsourcing is an outsourcing company and social enterprise that provides quality outsourcing services to our existing clients in USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Based in the Philippines, OrangeHub advances your business further with our wide range of services and workforce:

  • Website Development
  • Graphic Designs
  • Programs
  • Project Managements
  • Virtual Assistants
  • SEO
  • Writers
  • Call Center Agents
  • Payroll
OrangeHub works with passion in building lives by providing decent and sustainable homebased jobs to Filipinos in the countryside
OrangeHub is building its name to be a trusted brand for homebased outsourcing services in the Philippines with social impact
Competitive Edge

OrangeHub is committed to bringing you exceptional service through our dedicated and excellent staff. This is a hub where quality and affordability works hand in hand. We don’t just hire anyone for the sake of filling in your needs or a certain position. We provide a series of tests to each applicant in so we can test their knowledge, skills, dedication, hard work, and commitment. Here in OrangeHub, you are acquiring the best outsourcing services and we will continue to push through the boundaries to serve you. OrangeHub makes sure that you are spending for a great and rewarding experience.

Business Of Kindness and With A Purpose

OrangeHub is an outsourcing social enterprise in the Philippines, so we are not your typical outsourcing company. Entrusting a fulfilling experience is not just for you, our clients, but for our hires as well. Joining the Global Social Business Summit for two consecutive years, we realized that a lot of things still need to be done in improving the way of living of the people in our country. This is why we are committed to do our part in improving their way of living by giving them decent jobs at home with competitive or above market rates. This will mean lesser people going to the cities to look for jobs. And it will create a positive impact on the cities—less population, traffic, and crime rates.

When a client provides projects to OrangeHub, you are not only helping the staff with their income but you are also giving back to the communities. OrangeHub will provide free training for a sustainable living. We will partner with private and government organizations and student communities to deliver social impact to the countryside/provinces. We will also develop information drive about career building, job interview tips and seminars, an overview about the BPO industry and a lot more to different universities.

At the end of the day, as we deliver our purpose as a company, we aim to bring a smile on everyone’s faces—clients, homebased workers, communities, etc.—because after all, kindness is the best business there is.