How to get started with OrangeHub Outsourcing?

To get started OrangeHub and the new client will sign an agreement before we will get the virtual assistants on board. OrangeHub will also ask the new client to pay a security deposit equivalent to weekly or bimonthly pay of the virtual assistants. After the agreement is signed and security deposit is paid, we will set up client and virtual assistant a skype conference call 2-3 business days to get started

Where does OrangeHub Outsourcing sourcing their freelancers?

Our team is composed of wide network of Virtual Assistants all over the Philippines. Once the contract is signed, we will be contacting available freelancers or posting it to social media pages for opportunities.

Can we get the Virtual Assistants now?

Yes, our team makes everything possible for our clients to submit shortlisted applicants in the next 24 to 48 business hours.

What if the freelancers cannot perform the task expected?

We guarantee that we bring the client only the best freelancers fitted for the skills they need. Incase uncertainties, we also guarantee that we will source another freelancer to replace the hired one at no additional cost to the client.

Are they going to work directly to the clients?

Yes, all freelancers will be working directly to the clients however they will still be managed by OrangeHub Outsourcing.

Is OrangeHub Outsourcing a broker?

Yes, OrangeHub Outsourcing is a broker. We handled end to end process from recruitment, schedules, contracts, invoices, project management etc.

As a client, can I just get OrangeHub Outsourcing to assist us in placing the right people?

Yes, we have existing clients on this set up however there is a different contract and rates we will apply. Please contact us for details.

What is the mode of payment for all freelancers?

All clients should pay the billable hours direct from OrangeHub Outsourcing paypal or bank accounts. OrangeHub Outsourcing will pay our freelancers after payments are received. In case payments will be delayed, clients should notify OrangeHub Outsourcing in advance and promise to pay on the next 3 business days. Billable hours are paid in a weekly basis to earn trust and confidence between parties.

For other questions, please CONTACT US and we would be more than happy to assist.