What We Do

Being an outsourcing social enterprise, OrangeHubs aims to give more jobs to the people in the Philippines most especially in the countryside area, so we can help enhance their way of living and make an impact on the country as a whole. Giving more jobs means progress, less poverty, less population in the populated cities, less traffic, and lower crime rates.

OrangeHub is a link to international clients for the Filipino homebased workers and our communities in the countryside. Not only will the clients help provide income for our outsourced workers, but we will also foster their involvement with our mission of social impact. We will partner with student volunteers, NGOs, private agencies and government sectors to build the community. This is done through sustainable living, feeding programs for children, environmental awareness activities, social forums, free training, collaboration with the best and the brightest in the industries and a lot more.

OrangeHub is not just a place where clients can look for reliable and qualified online staff, but we’re also a hub of kindness.